rufete is an interesting indigenous grape variety from the Sierra de Francia and is the best guarded secret in the DO Sierra de Salamanca.

our vineyards...

the century vines grow on the pronounced slopes of our mountains, difficult to access and cultivate.

our terroir...

poor granitic or clayey soils high in minerals stress the vines and impart unique nuances to our wines.

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watch this short 10 minute video and get to know us: our mountains, our villages, our people, our vineyards, our terroir, the harvest, the winemaking process... and much more!


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here you will find some of the awards, honourable mentions and distinctions that we have received or in which our wines have been featured. The Rufete grape is well-liked and succeeds!

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we can already be found in half the world: U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Portugal, Poland and Greece.

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